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Safety Excellence for Everyone

SEF programs are now tailored to suit your organizational needs:

Our newly formed Global Centre for Leadership and Safety Excellence platform takes what was once a stand alone product and expands it into a diverse leadership and safety excellence product line that will give you the specific training of your choice!

Discover How Leadership Development Can Help You

SEF-W 1 Day (8hrs)

Safety Excellence For Workers

Workers have the greatest ability to improve the performance of any organization through their behaviours. The SEF-W program is designed with the six foundational modules of the entire Safety Excellence program. These six foundational modules allow workers to ensure they are the catalyst for on-site safety behaviours that truly improve every organization.

SEF-FL 2 Day (16hrs)

Safety Excellence For Front Line

Front Line leaders are the bridge between management expectations and worker behaviours. The SEF-FL program ensures the front line leader has the ability to demonstrate and work collaboratively with the workforce to use the SEF foundational modules for improved leadership and safety performance.

SEF-SAM 3 Day (21.5hrs)

Safety Excellence For Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and Managers explore the SEF CORE modules and participation ensures corporate alignment and a shared vision strategy. No organization is ever successful just training people. Success is achieved through shared responsibility and safety leadership commitment. SEF-SAM ensures that supervisors and managers can effectively inspire change from front line leader and workers.

Core Modules

The CORE modules of the original SEFSAM design were the same two decades ago when the program was first developed, these proven modules consist of the CORE modules that reach into all the SEF programs.

Optional Modules

All corporations are different, and this includes the challenges facing the internal workforce as well. Our approach is never "one size fits all". The Optional modules are chosen with client collaboration of our needs assessment. This ensures proper choices for not identifying safety leadership gaps, but a method to close those gaps.

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